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The Entrepreneur’s Journey

As an entrepreneur, it can often at times be an up and down journey, one moment you are basking in success and profits and everyone loves you. The next moment, you’re failing, losing money

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The Scarcity Vs Abundance Mindset

So there is a mindset in the world that dominates most people it is known as the scarcity mindset vs the abundance mindset, unfortunately this type of thinking is what keeps us from starting or growing a business

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The Power Of Belief

The last 6 months has been simply ludicrous in terms of the hoopla surrounding the 2016 presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and I think we can all agree that the results have been even more shocking.

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To Be Self Aware Is To Be Successful

One of the biggest epidemics is that we constantly lie to ourselves. ‘Excucitis’ is a little disease that lives inside each of us. 90 percent of the country are not making six figures. Being self aware is being honest with your shortcomings.

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The Business Funding Formula: How Entrepreneurs Are Jump Starting Their Businesses With Powerful Funding Strategies

Starting a business is the new American dream, so how do you fund it? Since the recession in 2008, it has never been more complicated or confusing to secure capital for your business. The Business Funding Formula creates an easy to follow step by step process to secure the very best funding you can qualify for guaranteed!

Learn how the funding formula helped jump-start well known billion dollar businesses and precisely what you need to do to fund your start-up or existing business. Read how Leo struggled to learn how to fund his own business and then began helping other entrepreneurs do the same.

Are you looking for startup funding, large fixed rate loans, business lines of credit or even funding at 0% for the first year? The Business Funding Formula has the answers for every major funding option available to entrepreneurs today and most importantly will save you loads of time looking for funding solutions for your business.

See if you qualify for funding with 0% interest for a year!