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Why Is Your Startup Funding Pitch Not Hitting The Right Notes With Investors?

If you’re like most startup founders, you’re constantly working on perfecting your pitch to potential investors. You know that getting funded is essential to your success, so you want to make sure everything is right. Unfortunately, many pitches fall flat with investors – even when the product or service is top-notch. Why is this happening? 

In this blog post, 7 Figures Funding will look at some of the most common mistakes startup founders make when pitching for funding and how to avoid them.

Memory Gap/Freestyle:

After months of waiting, an entrepreneur will occasionally appear before an investor and freeze. It’s a frequent error; after all, nervousness and public speaking are never a good match. The issue that comes when individuals forget what to say is that they choose to improvise instead. 

At all costs, avoid this! Pitching depends entirely on facts; if you don’t know them, don’t invent them.

Make every effort to memorize your pitch:

  • Practice it in front of different people.
  • Record it.
  • Listen to it repeatedly until it is imprinted on your mind.

Bring along a cheat sheet with notes to serve as a reminder of everything else that fails.

Ignoring the Facts:

Remembering your pitch is vital, but it’s useless if what you recall isn’t factually correct. No matter how much you impress an investor, it will never end well if your material does not match what you have claimed. Overlooking the facts suggests one of two things: you either did not prepare your presentation thoroughly enough, or you are a fraud. So, you’re either stupid or dishonest, neither of which is appealing to investors.

Before you approach any investor’s office, go over your pitch with a fine-tooth comb and double-check the numbers.


The goal is to sell yourself and your company to an investor. You must demonstrate why you are worth their time and money and your competence, ambition, and savvy. It’s not the simplest list to finish in a short period, which is why individuals frequently oversell and exaggerate. An investor will notice if you are overdoing it, which may be a huge turn-off. 

Relax, keep to your script, and answer their inquiries to make a good first impression.


A common error is an entrepreneur who fails to do their homework and meets with an investor who isn’t a good fit for their company. It’s reasonable that you want to cover all bases and are eager to hear back, let alone meet with an investor, but you’re wasting your time unless you’re a good fit.

Research as much as possible on the investors to whom you are applying to ensure that their firm and yours are a good match.

Don’t spend too much time on pitching:

The reality is that both large and small investors have short attention spans. Almost every day, they are visited by shiny new firms begging for their money. At any given time, they must assess many different pitches and ideas. So, instead of boring them, you need to impress them right away.

Always start with the most important and enticing material and strive to capture their attention within the first five minutes rather than the latter half-hour.

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